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Everyone has started his childhood with stories which inspired him,frightened him or even made them cry.School was also a platform to tell you stories of warriors,heroes,bandits,queens and kings.

College years even had the longest version of stories to decide which story inspires you most,which story you detest .Universities even tried to run doctoral thesis on these stories.

Then comes a period of chaos,triamph,fight and even wage a war based on all stories reaction you built upon during this whole time.

Marriage was also the replication of story.Some people became Romeo himself while fighting to get a perfect soulmate.Juliat made all the moves possible to get married to Romeo.But other people had heard different stories of cultural or racial differences or even the religious card to play.

Economics brought to us a dracolian story or the story of Robbinhood,rob somebody to pay someother.

That is the immense power of story.You need…

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