We want to buy your eyes.

Ten million Eyes are required,would you like to sell your eyes?If yes,give us your email addresses and postal codes are your phone numbers.We would contact you to buy both of your eyes at full cost you demand.

Buying your eyes is our target and paying full payment is our financial obligation in which we never failed and our credit history is strong.

Are you ready to sell the eyes we required to buy.I guess you are and always are to sell.You sell your eyes all the time.

Guess What?

Everyone of us sells our eyes all the time.We get the highest value for our pair of eyes.Television buys our eyes to give us the good or bad content to watch.We eagerly sell our eyes to them or even stick poor eyes to that dirty chatterbox for hours.

Newspapers always give bad news to arouse a fear in us.Our couple of eyes gets that fear absorb into mind make irrational decisions because we sold eyes to them for less money.

I am talking about eyeball marketing.It is media tactic to buy your shinning eyes and pay you full payment of fear ,anxiety ,blood pressure.You are selling your eyes very poorly to wrong person.

what choices you have got?

You have plenty of choices to feed your eyes with positive content and materials which inspire you.Avoid the media which sells fear to their advantage.Read The Quran or another religious book to receive full payment of soul searching and inner peace.

Read blogs and books give you a hope to go forward and live a life full of purpose and dreams.

I am aiming my blogs to reach 10 million eyes in next two years with upfront payment of hard work and patience on my part.I want to help you get you positive content which can instill a hope in you,a desire to take action .

Please sell me your valuable pair of eyes.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on eyeball marketing.

Leave your comments and suggestions for improvement.