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Citrus Farming is a tough job but really profitable.

Last Decade or so,Pakistan has seen a robust growth in citrus orchard plantations and it has enjoyed a profitable export.Many new farms emerged to reap the benefits of citrus export.Solarized farms also made it possible to grow thousands of citrus plants in plain and desert area alike.Thousands of farmers are leaving traditional farming to accept citrus farming.Even Thal desert has a hundredfold growth.

Why it is happening?

Answers are quite simple.Traditional Farming has lost its potential to feed a family of 5 person through farm earnings.That is the main reason farmers are following tough path.Their thinking is simple,invest your time and money for a period of four years and reap the stupendous benefits for next eight to ten years.

My story is not quite simple either

Juicy oranges always attract me to eat as many as I can afford.So I made…

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